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When the dream ends,

the dreamer disappears.

Hi, my name is Wojtek and I don’t exist.

Do you think that sounds weird? Well, you don’t exist either, and no one has ever existed.

That might sound very disturbing or even crazy. I’m aware of that.
Yet, this text is born out of the undeniable experience of exactly this.

This website is about non-duality, which means “not two”.
Non-duality points to the absolute absence of separation.

The separation between here and there.
Between now and then.
Between inside and outside.
Between this and that.
Between you and me.
Between the experiencer and the experience.

All separation is an appearance without any solidity and without any perspective from which it is experienced. So, this text is pointing to wholeness appearing as separation. It’s arising as the “I” dream, where the dreamer and the dream are one.

Non-duality is an invitation for the mind, to make space for the immediacy of what is happening right here and right now, and to let go of mentally digesting the human experience.

This message points to the perfection and coherence of this present moment. It points to beingness itself. It points to “this” as being everything without having any other.

“This” is an unknowable mystery that cannot be put into words. This website is about a message, that cannot be understood and that is not for the mind.

This website is created out of the joy of being wrong about something, that cannot be described and known. Writing these words is an expression of wholeness and unconditional love.

This site is not for you if …

  • you want to keep dreaming the dream of being a real person and a separate individual.
  • you want to keep the illusion alive of being in control of what is happening.
  • you want to find a logical explanation and comforting story about what life is.
  • you are looking for advice on how to attain enlightenment.
  • you are searching for a way to end unpleasant feelings and sensations.
  • you are searching for a way to become a special being.
  • you are not willing to question the fundamental essence of „you“.
  • you are not willing to deal with the frustration of not knowing.



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